“It was bucket list material for me and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” – LISA, Indianapolis, IN

“I took a chance on going alone and now knowing anyone!  I ended up meeting 6 amazing women and I believe we will have a lifelong friendship because of that one trip!” – DONNA, Coeur D’Alene, ID

“Getting to stand next to Jon Bon Jovi and get a picture with him was truly a dream come true!  It still makes me smile to think of it!  Life is too short to miss out on dreams.” – CAROL, Placerville, CA

“I’m completely addicted. Every penny spent was worth it. It’s impossible to be disappointed.  The hotels are always amazing and extra luxurious, the parties are terrible fun, we meet incredible people around the world and many of them turn into special friends for the rest of our lives.” – PAULA, Portugal

“It’s always been a dream for us to meet Jon and thanks to Runaway Tours, that dream has come true!  – LISA and NICOLE

“What more do you need than lovely wine, good food, moonlight over the courtyard of the Castillo Di Amorosa on a balmy summer’s evening and Jon Bon Jovi serenading me?  (Well, that’s how I remember it; ignore the other 250 that were there LOL!)  Please, can you rack your minds and come up with another magical trip like this?!” – BRENDA

“Runaway Tours gave me the experiences of a lifetime.  I have done the Runaway trips to  Hawaii, London, New York, Cancun, San Francisco, Napa and more.  It was full of joy and laughter every time.  Parties, sightseeing, soundcheck, concerts, special private shows, Q&As and photos with the one and only Jon Bon Jovi!  I have made such epic memories with my great friends on the Runaway trips.  I will cherish them forever.” – KAORI, Japan

“After 27 years of listening to his music, watching interviews and attending any concert I could go to, I finally go to stand next to him, put my arm around him and have my photo taken.  Thank you, Jon Bon Jovi, for being who you are, for everything that you do and for making my dream come true.” – LISA, Sydney, Australia