RUNAWAY TOURS was created with one goal in mind: to superserve the superfan.

Dedicated to creative once-in-a-lifetime, unique travel experiences for fans, RUNAWAY TOURS offers exclusive vacation packages available nowhere else.  Only RUNAWAY TOURS will host you in a luxurious hotel, welcome you with private receptions and cocktail hours, provide great tickets to concerts and/or exclusive performances, throw members-only parties, and offer you the opportunity to meet your favorite performer!  If you want to be a part of this experience, you need to book a RUNAWAY TOURS adventure!

Since its inception, RUNAWAY TOURS has enabled fans to connect with each other at destinations around the globe:
are just a sample of the locales that have welcomed Runaways from around the world.

Extensive planning goes into each and every RUNAWAY TOURS adventure by a team focused on ensuring each and every detail is covered so trip attendees don’t have to do anything but enjoy their RUNAWAY adventure from the time they arrive on sight until the moment they leave for home.

RUNAWAY TOURS stays at only the finest hotels. Tripgoers can choose to stay with friends or alone with reservations customized to each party’s needs and tripgoers get all the benefits each hotel provides to guests: wi-fi, gym access, newspapers. Your home away from home is top of the line luxury.

RUNAWAY TOURS customizes each adventure to take advantage of the unique highlights of the city in which the trip takes place.
In SAN DIEGO and SYDNEY, Runaway Tours arranged private cruises for their Runaways to enjoy the cities from the water. AUSTRALIA trip attendees also experienced a private tour of a wildlife park to visit native Australian animals including kangaroos, koalas, and wombats. In ORLANDO the trip package included a day a UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Theme Park while the DUBLIN, IRELAND itinerary included a Pub Crawl.No two trips are ever the same as Runaway Tours utilizes the host city as an inspiration for each trip.

And just as the itineraries vary from trip to trip, so does the setting for the performance.

Some trips were based around concerts/tours held in stadiums or arenas where trip-goers had premium seat locations… whereas other trips were created around intimate, acoustic performances in unique locations (the courtyard of a castle in California’s Napa Valley wine country or in a NYC Times Square venue closed off to only Runaway Tours members.)  Some of these private shows are storyteller-like settings, while some even include a Q&A and the opportunity to interact with the artist themselves and ask questions personally.  Runaway Tours customizes each trip to ensure each adventure is unique.

Most RUNAWAY TOURS itineraries include the opportunity to have the Runaway Tours staff take your personal photo with the featured artist!

You want to make a memory?
RUNAWAY TOURS can make it happen for you.

RUNAWAY TOURS STAFF oversees every aspect of each trip from the initial planning and on-sale, to arrivals and escorting trip attendees to every event on the customized itinerary.   The same team of employees works on each trip and are a well-oiled machine (who also recognize several of the trip attendees when they return for another adventure) They work for you 100% while you’re on your RUNAWAY TOURS adventure, assuring your experience is smooth, fun, and memorable.

But RUNAWAY TOURS can’t plan the most rewarding part of these trips:  the memories and friendships made among your fellow fans who all come together to celebrate the artist they love and meet fellow fans from around the globe.  YOU GUYS are the reason WE DO WHAT WE DO. Every RUNAWAY TOURS adventure is different because different folks travel from all over the world to be a part of the experience.  We love watching you interact and discover how the artist’s music has brought you together and how much we all have in common.  YOU make each adventure what it is. 


If you haven’t joined us on a RUNAWAY TOURS adventure… what are you waiting for?
“Memories that will last forever.”